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Residential area Kunigiškėse

As far as its location goes, this complex of houses is unique in the town of Palanga. The murmur of the sea which is barely 400 meters away, and the silence surrounding the houses give the complex a special harm.

The complex of houses is exceptional as regards its general conception, its atypical archtecture (Donatas Rakauskas), its harmony with nature. The inhabitants need not worry about the safety of the complex. The complex of houses is enclosed by a fence with an automatic boom gate. In the territory of the complex, there is a basketball court and a twin-level man-made lake with forced water purification (greenery planting).

Not far from the complex of houses is a road to Klaipeda, which is at the distance of 20 minutes drive. If you are looking for a special place where to live or rest, if you long for silence, or dream of leaving the city noise behind you, breathing fresh air, bathing in the sea, enjoying the preserved nature, then this complex of houses is built specially for you. In the territory (one hectare) will be built four terraced houses, each consisting of six houses. The total area of each house will be 192,2 sq m. 

The complex of houses was finally built and put into operation in 2011.

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